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    How to Know It`s Time To Clean Solar Panels?

    Solar panels rely on a maximum amount of sunlight to generate the most amount of energy possible. The positioning and location of solar panels make them vulnerable to bird droppings and collecting significant amounts of dust and dirt that average rainfall cannot sufficiently clean.

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    Transparent Solar Panels

    The invention of solar panels as an energy-saving resource for residential and commercial power changed the approach of eco-friendly efforts throughout society.

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    How Much Do Solar Panels Save?

    Switching to solar can cut your energy bill by 75% or more. The average electric bill in California is $100-$200/per month. Average yearly energy cost is about $1,500.

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    What Maintenance Do You Need After You Install Your Solar Panels?

    Solar panels may come with a high upfront cost, but the truth remains that they’re a worthwhile investment. With a solar system installed in your home or commercial facility, you now get to enjoy lower energy bills, an increase in your property value, and of course, a renewable energy source for the next couple of years.