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    Your solar panels are an expensive investment and it is wise to ensure they are cleaned by insured and trained professionals. The cost benefit of keeping your panels clean makes a regular cleaning schedule a no-brainer. Increasing the power output and efficiency of your solar system by 20% or more in heavy soil areas, like farms or air traffic paths, can greatly impact your energy bill savings. If you own or maintain a residential solar panel array, you will no doubt be interested in reaping the largest financial reward from your array and seeing your return on investment (ROI) as soon as possible. Solar panel cleaning will help you to do just that. Having dirty solar panels can severely dent your ROI timeline. By having clean solar panels, more light hits the solar cells meaning more generation which in turn means greater ROI, sooner. However, people get confused about whether it is necessary to clean the solar panels. We can have a look at some of the reasons to clean solar panels.

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    1. Maintaining Warranty
      There are solar manufacturers and installation that have made solar panel’s cleaning mandatory for their warranty. In this scenario, even if you have problems rising with your solar panels, where the solar panels got damaged and are unable to perform, but have no demonstration of regular solar panel cleaning, then in that case your panels may not get covered under the warranty.
    2. Efficient Working of Panels
      Through various studies from the Services of Solar panel cleaning in Sacramento , it has been revealed that the efficiency of solar panels increases by 30% by regular cleaning and timely maintenance. The researchers have observed that the cleaning of solar panels has increased the output as well as the efficiency.
      When you notice a drop or downfall in the rate of efficiency of the solar panels, it gets evident that proper cleaning of the solar panels is not performed and dust and dirt get accumulated over it preventing the entry of light.
    3. Myth: rainwater cleans your solar panels
      Some people are of the view that rainwater cleans your panel. To get a better picture of this is to check your car windscreen, which if not cleaned, tends to lose its visibility. The main reason behind this is that there are airborne dust particles in the rainwater which gets stuck to the panel and hence the visibility is lost.
      Output is maximized when light is allowed to enter the panel and this is only possible when the panels are completely clean of all debris, therefore, cleaning of solar panels is extremely important for financial returns on your investment . For more information regarding solar panels, their cleaning procedure, maintenance, and other related stuff, get in touch with our experts at Panel Pros, one of the leading residential solar panel cleaning services in Sacramento and get help to utilize your solar system up to its full potential.

    Residential solar panels inspection

    Inspecting solar system is necessary and crucial in order to make sure that system works its 100%, inspecting a system required vast technical knowledge and troubleshooting skills.
    Solar panel fields, like any other artificial infrastructure objects, require periodical inspections ,which includes visual inspection of solar panels for signs of:
    • Solar panel damage.
    • Warping.
    • Corrosion.
    • UV/heat deterioration.
    • Inverter damage.
    • Junction Box damage.
    • Meter damage.
    • Bird nesting.
    • Dust, dirt and leaf build-ups.

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