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How to protect Solar Panels from Birds?

How to Protect Solar Panels from Birds

As it is known that rooftop-mounted solar panels are in use every day by almost every business and homeowner, it is used as sustainable solar technology for generating the electrical power that is needed. To fight climate change, solar energy is a clean and efficient source. Not only solar panels are a sustainable source of energy, but also serve as shelters and nesting spaces, which is also an increasingly challenging problem.

Birds nesting under solar panels is an important issue that is increasing these days. The birds and pigeons take shelter in the gap between the solar panels and the roof, to build nests. Some birds nest during some part of the year, whereas the pigeons nest all year round. This is done to seek safe locations that are sheltered from the weather so that they can lay their eggs and raise the young ones.

You should be aware that this problem is not only limited to just pigeons and seagulls but it is powered by migratory birds, such as starlings.

Solar Panels and the Bird Droppings

Bird droppings on the solar panels are not only a major health hazard but also seem an unsightly mess. If we talk about danger, the pigeon droppings could carry over 60 hazardous diseases and even some of these pathogens could turn out to be very fatal and serious. Due to these reasons, the accumulation of droppings poses a significant health risk.

As seen over a study by an agency of solar panel inspection in Sacramento, Roseville and Elk Grove, periodic inspection of the solar panels is essential as it will help you protect the panels from the damage or loss that is likely to occur due to uncertain climatic conditions. The birds in the sky also tend to pose damage to the panel. The droppings of some birds might cause corrosion or structural damage to the solar panels; therefore, it is recommended to get a solar panel bird guard in Roseville, Sacramento and Elk Grove.

Since the heating, cooling and ventilation systems are put on the buildings and are majorly affected by the bird fecal matter and feathers, they affect the people who use those buildings.

The top ridge of the solar panel is considered to be an ideal perching place for many of the birds, thereby resulting in droppings all over the face of the panel, which in turn, blocks the sunlight.

Here is a list of ways by which you can protect your solar panels from birds other than getting solar panel bird guards-

     Cleaning of Solar Panels.

     Fake Birds of Prey



Cleaning of Solar Panels-

Solar panels cleaning Elk Grove is considered one of the most important methods to prevent birds from nesting under the solar panels. All that you need to do is wipe the area carefully and not be aggressive because the surface of the solar panels is fragile. Regular cleaning of solar panels will keep the birds away from the area.

Fake Birds of Prey-

Fake birds of prey are one method that is not very well known. However, the birds that nest under solar panels are mostly scared of birds of prey. This is the reason that people buy statues of fake birds of prey and place them around the area, which might help is keeping birds away and preventing them from nesting under the panels.


Mesh is recommended to be used around the sides of the solar panels if you have a bird problem. The meshes would block the area, thereby preventing the birds from making nests around the area. They help in protecting your investment from any further damage.


Other than Mesh, Spikes are also considered a significant option. You must be wondering as to what spikes do to prevent birds from nesting under the solar panels. The answer to this is simple. They prevent the birds from even accessing the area.

One thing that you should keep in mind while using Spikes is that they should be bought from professional companies and also of the highest quality so that they do not change color or rust. This will keep the panels safe from pest birds.

Out of these four, the first two methods could be of great help as the proactive solutions, whereas the last two methods could be of help when the birds are already present. You should act as soon as possible for the droppings of the birds as if they get accumulated for a longer period, the panels tend to be less effective.

For more information on how to protect your solar panels from birds, get in touch with experts at Panel Pros, one of the leading services of commercial solar cleaning in Sacramento and get help to utilize your solar system up to its full potential.

Disclaimer- The information provided in this content is just for educational purposes and is written by a professional writer. Contact us for better information about protecting your solar panels from birds.

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