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    Paint Overspray Removal

    One common issue that homeowners may face is the unintentional overspray of paint on their solar panels during the process of repainting their home’s eaves and gutters. This overspray can form a layer over the solar panels, significantly reducing the amount of sunlight that can penetrate the panels. As a result, the energy production of solar panels can be greatly reduced, leading to lower energy output and increased costs.

    Additionally, the appearance of the solar panels can also be affected, detracting from the overall aesthetics of the system. It’s important to take precautions and protect solar panels from overspray during home improvement projects to ensure optimal energy production and maintain the visual appeal of the solar panel system.



    How do we remove paint overspray off solar panels?

    We conducted extensive research on various methods and products to effectively remove paint overspray from solar panels, and have discovered a highly effective product specifically designed for this purpose:

    • The product is 100% water-soluble and leaves no residue or film behind, ensuring that the solar panels remain unharmed.
    • A high quality.

    To use the product, we simply apply it to the affected areas of the solar panels and let it sit for a few seconds. Then, we gently scrub the panels to remove all paint residue, wipe them down with a squeegee, and give them a thorough rinse. By using this specialized cleaning solution, we can effectively and safely remove any paint overspray from the solar panels, ensuring optimal energy production and preserving the aesthetics of the solar panel system.

    Don’t let dirty or damaged solar panels hold you back from enjoying the full benefits of solar energy. Contact us now to order our services and get your panels back in top shape.

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